AS/400 iSeries Power is a specialty of CPS

CPS has made a commitment to technical excellence on the AS/400 iseries power platform and subsequent products from the beginning. We are an Advanced IBM Business partner with dozens of certifications in these products. With a history of performing 20+ years of services, migrations, repairs, OS upgrades, and more, we have literally seen it all. We can help with your most complex system challenges.

Technical Services – Our experienced staff can provide a complete array of onsite, remote connection, and telephone support for any kind of technical issue you are having with your system.

Performance Analysis and Tuning – Is your server not performing to your expectations? Is response time unacceptable? Are your Batch jobs taking too long? Sometimes a new server is not the answer. Let us take a look and help determine what’s going on, and what your options are to correct it.

LPAR Setup – LPAR, or Logical Partitioning is the IBM equivalent of Server Virtualization for AS/400 iSeries Power Systems. This lets you unlock the excess power of your systems for additional iOS, AIX, or Linux workloads. We have extensive experience at logical partitioning, and can help you determine whether you would benefit from it.

PTF Management – If you have difficulty keeping up with PTFs Patches, and Microcode updates, we can help. From ordering to implementation, we can cost effectively handle these for you.

Release Updates – Upgrading your OS version can be a complex and time consuming ordeal. CPS can help with this process. Whether it is a complete, turnkey service, or just a bit of Telephone support, we have the expertise and experience to help you get your updates done faster, and with fewer problems.

DR & High Availability – CPS has a variety of options for DR and High availability from IBM, Vision, and others, along with the skills to implement them.

Hosting – Want to simplify your iOS environment? Our hosted solutions may be the answer. Check out our cloud solutions HERE for more info.