How can CPS Technology Solutions help backup and protect your data? The amount of data companies are creating, saving and backing up continues to grow at ever increasing rates. Plus the source and destination of where data is saved is ever changing including onsite, data centers, cloud or a combination of all of them.

Hardware is the easy part, it can always be replaced. Protecting your Data should be your top priority as it is irreplaceable.

CPS Technology Solutions helps clients with best in class backup solutions for IBM Power Systems & iSeries, Microsoft Windows servers and more. Backup solutions include disk to disk, disk to tape, disk to cloud. We help with finding the right solution including sizing, speed, backup strategies and other critical needs including acceptable time to restore backups to be up and running again.

One of the biggest changes CPS Technology Solutions has seen the last few years in the area of backups is the change over from tape drives to virtual tape drives/disk drives. Some of the main reasons are life expectancy of tapes, reliability, ease of automation and the offsite backup to the cloud.

Data Prtection Backup via CPS Technology Solutions

Different platforms require different strategies and solutions. At CPS Technology Solutions, we are immersed in backup solutions everyday including backing up our iSeries hosting clients. One iSeries solution we have found that is very robust and very cost effective is Cybernetics backup solutions. They have been providing backup solutions for over 39 years and have been first to market with many technologies including compression and encryption.

For CPS Technology Solutions clients on Microsoft Windows Server environments we help them with planning & design of a backup strategy. Part of the planning includes how often backup are done, how much data, what is the businesses SLA for restoring data and much, much more. Also we can help with DR and business continuity planning for protecting critical data.

One of CPS Technology Solutions’ strategic partners, Unitrends offers enterprise class all in one backup solutions. They make it easy with just one source for your needs including high-availability hardware, software engineering, cloud and customer-obsessed support.

CPS Technology Solutions works with other leading products like IBM, HP, Cybernetics, Buffalo, Datto and many more.

Not 100% confident of your backups? Give your CPS Technology Solutions Sales Representative a call today and ask about our free backup assessment offer.