Whether you want to move your production applications to a state of the art, secure IBM Power Systems server, move your test environment off your production server, or develop a disaster recovery site, CPS has the solution.

Our servers are located at a Data Center in the central Twin Cities area.  This Business Class facility has 24 hour security, redundant power and cooling, and direct connections to 3 different fiber internet loops.

By moving to our servers in a hosted environment, you eliminate the large upfront costs of a new server and related equipment, the ongoing costs of hardware and software maintenance, and the labor costs of many time-consuming tasks such as daily backups, PTF and patch management, performance tuning, and more.

In many cases, the total cost for our hosting solution is less than what you are paying just for IBM maintenance.  We are able to save you money and improve response time, performance, and security.   We use a secure VPN connection to your site which makes the server look like its local to your network, and to take any risk out of using a remote connection.

We believe this is a great alternative for many of our clients.  Ask about our FREE trial program.

More Info:

CPS iSeries Hosting FAQ  PDF CPS iSeries Hosting FAQ
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