CPS Technology Solutions is a great source for your software licensing needs. Navigating through licensing can be a challenge and it is getting more difficult every year. Does the licensing or operating system come in a per user model, or does it come in a per device model or maybe concurrent model or volume licensing. Then which one is right for you.

Not only do companies have to review all these different licensing models but now in many cases have to consider and understand all of the subscription/online options and compare.

Our Team at CPS Technology Solutions start with assessing your needs for the best software solution including whether to purchase licenses via a onetime purchase or subscription model or bundled software and support. We help you understand what the advantages to the business are to have the latest versions of software for users and what is the most cost effective.

Software Licensing | CPS Technology SolutionsIn addition to helping you navigate the many software versions we also keep track of when subscription renewals are due. This way you maintain your initial investment and avoid having a subscription or software assurance expire losing the initial software investment made.

Plus we can review your current licensing installed to determine if you are compliant, also make sure you are not over paying by having more licenses than you need or installed on equipment not in production anymore.

Once you have purchased your licensing CPS Technology Solutions can assist with installing, configuring and connectivity of your licenses and operating systems. We are there to help make sure you are consuming and using the software you have purchased.

A small list of some of the software providers we work with includes IBM, Microsoft, VMWare, Sophos, Adobe and many, many more.

Call us today to get started with your software planning and purchase.