Technology Testing and Assessment | CPS Technology SolutionsThere is one constant in IT today-Change.  Technology is constantly changing.  Bigger, faster, cloud, online solutions, new threats, best practices, recovery plans, security risks and much, much more.  It is almost impossible to keep track of everything and still run your business.

CPS Technology Solutions can be your trusted advisor to help navigate today’s technology landscape and let you focus on your business. We have found that flexibility is key for your our customers, each assessment that we provide for a customer has something unique. By taking this approach we are giving our customers the best possible recommendations versus fitting them into a cookie cutter plan that is used for everyone.

Projects CPS Technology Solutions have provided for clients includes back up and disaster recovery assessments and testing. Assessment of existing servers/hardware to determine if it can meet new computing needs coming up with changes to the business.

Other assessments we have done for clients included reviewing whether to continue to run their servers onsite Technology Testing and Assessment | CPS Technology Solutionsor should they consider a cloud approach or maybe a hybrid of the two. CPS Technology Solutions can also review and assess current security tools and configurations as well as Email options including remote access options, sharing and retention needs.

Each assessment includes findings, impact to the business, possible recommendations and potential next steps.  Next steps might include the recommendation that nothing be changed, giving you piece of mind things are rock solid.

For CPS Technolgy Solutions IBM iSeries/Power Systems customers we can provide test environments to be able to test new apps, version changes, updates or other new software.

Call CPS Technology Solutions to discuss an assessment strategy and get back to running your business.