CPS Technology Solutions helps clients maximize their investment in technology by providing planning and implementation of virtualization technology. We start by understanding the servers and sizing needs to determine the host server resources needed. Then we help implement virtualization of servers using best practices and providing ongoing support.

VIRTUALIZATION via CPS Technology SolutionsVirtualization can help reduce power and cooling requirements, saving money every month. But done incorrectly or not configured properly can lower the benefits you had originally expected. Let CPS Technology Solutions help you maximize your investment. Common issues we see are assigning the same amount of resources that were assigned on a physical server including CPU and memory. Sometimes a VM can be over provisioned causing valuable resources to go unused.

CPS Technology Solutions also helps manage the resource usage among the virtual servers by setting up rules and limits. Security is something CPS Technology Solutions always makes a priority, with virtualization we make sure permissions are locked down to the right levels. Once setup we help clients with clean-up of old drivers and hidden physical servers remnants that can use resources.

As a strategic partner for CPS Technology Solutions clients we understand ongoing support is very important. We can help troubleshoot issues as well mentor your staff on how to troubleshoot issues including what to look for and where to look.

Another important part of virtualization that is overlooked is re-evaluation of the virtual environment. Too often it is built out and then forgotten about. Is it meeting the needs for future growth of the business, were old applications virtualized because it was easy. These should be evaluated on a regular basis and maybe considered to be decommissioned.

Part of CPS Technology Solutions planning for virtualizing is also to discuss where the host server will be, onsite, private cloud or public cloud. Then we also discuss backup and recovery strategies. Some clients think just because a server is now virtualized that they don’t need to worry as much about backups.

CPS Technology Solutions then help clients with the acquisition of hardware and software for onsite or the acquisition of a cloud solution. CPS Technology Solutions works with the two major virtualization providers VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V. Working with clients to determine which solution meets their needs and budgets best. For customers with existing virtual servers that need to upgrade hardware or the version of the virtual software CPS Technology Solutions can help with the sizing and acquisition as well.

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