i-Guard Plus
for iSeries

CPS provides affordable, common sense solutions for your iSeries Disaster I-Guard Plus Solutions via CPS Technology SolutionsRecovery (DR) requirements. One of the solutions is i-Guard Plus.

Not all companies require a hot or warm disaster recovery site, but do want to have a plan in place for emergency replacement to maintain business continuity.

i-Guard Plus expands onto CPS’s i-Guard Lite solution where we assure that a replacement server will be made available at CPS’s data center and covers your iSeries needs in case of any disaster. This insures that you are up and running in a timeframe that keeps your business running.

i-Guard Plus includes the i-Guard Lite solution plus the following features:

• Complete analysis of your backup processes and procedures to insure that you are capturing all elements of data needed to make a full and successful recovery. It includes a written report that details any needed changes and includes specific recommendations that will insure a successful restore in the event of a data loss.

• i-Guard plus also includes an annual test where we load the proper OS, restore from your tapes, and provide iSeries remote access for you to verify proper operation. A complete report is generated detailing the time taken, any problems encountered, and the resolutions to those problems.

i-Guard Plus solutions start for as little as $320/mo.

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i-Guard Plus Solution

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