Networking/Windows Environments:

Today an IT network has become a critical component to the success of an organization. Making sure that servers, desktops and networking components are up and running has never been more important. Plus with new viruses, malware and ransomware continuing to increase, it is critical that servers, computers and firewalls have the latest software and security patches applied and continually turned on.

Ideally all organizations would have a managed service plan in place, however many companies cannot find the budget for a fully managed plan that can cost $50-$100 per month, per device. So CPS has a developed a program that is much more cost effective for customers.

For $10 per month, per device, CPS Technology Solutions will install a monitoring agent, provide notification of any issues and provide any services at a discounted rate. Now customers have a basic managed solution they can afford and have the comfort knowing that someone is monitoring their computers for any issues.

And for the customers that want a fully managed services option CPS has a 24 x 7 solution that provides complete monitoring, help desk and problem resolution bundled into one monthly price.

iSeries Environments:

IBM iSeries/Power Systems/AS 400s is a great platform. CPS has an exceptional staff of expertise. We understand that every company cannot have that type of expertise on staff or have recently had the expertise leave the company or the expert is planning to leave in the near future. So we created the iSeries managed service plan.

This plan provides companies the expertise they need to keep iSeries/Power Systems/AS400 patched and updated, always secure, adding profiles and users and the place to call if a user or admin is having a problem. So customers can have their IBM system protected and supported without having an expert on staff.

CPS Technology Solutions also provides a managed services plan on our hosted iSeries in the cloud. So whether you have your system at your office or in our business class data center, we can be an extension of your company.

Contact CPS Technology Solutions today to learn how we can customize a managed service plan for you to get the protection you need without breaking your IT budget.