CPS i-Guard Lite via CPS Technology Solutions CPS i-Guard Lite
CPS i-Guard Plus via CPS Technology Solutions CPS i-Guard Plus
CPS i-Guard Replication via CPS Technology Solutions CPS i-Guard Replication
CPS-i-Guard-HA via CPS Technology Solutions CPS-i-Guard-HA

Whether your organization has mandates to have a DR plan in place or you just want the assurance that you will be able to recover quickly and continue operations after a disaster, CPS has an economical, common sense suite of solutions that will protect you without breaking the bank.

i-Guard is a complete data and operations protection suite of solutions for your iSeries server. It eliminates all the single points of failure in your data protection plan, and provides the ability in the case of disaster to get back running quickly and effectively.

The i-Guard solutions offer four different plans that meet your recovery timelines and budget


i-Guard Lite

A basic solution that provides a plan to have your applications available within 48 hours


i-Guard Plus

A solution that includes i-Guard Lite plus adds an assessment and annual testing of your back up


i-Guard Replication

A solution that provides daily electronic replication of your backups offsite for faster recovery time than the Lite and Plus options


i-Guard HA (High Availability)

The ultimate solution to provide the best business continuity plan with continuous data replication and immediate fail-over

CPS i-Guard Disaster Recovery Solutions

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